Course 3 Final Project: About Me!

Here it is! The final product – for now, at least. I have been super excited about this final project since I read the final project options during week 1 of course 3. I knew IMMEDIATELY that I wanted to create an infographic resume for my About Me page on my COETAIL blog. I was SO inspired by Sonya Terborg’s infographic resume, and I thought about what I would include in my infographic resume for weeks leading up to its creation.

I have said it before, and I will say it again:

I am the LEAST creative person that I know!

So, now that that’s out of the way, I would like to say that I am actually very proud of my infographic resume despite the fact that it may not look like the most aesthetically appealing resume you have ever seen 😉 I put a lot of effort and a lot of time into thinking about it and creating it. It may not be something that I send off to potential employers just yet, but I have some thoughts on what I need to do to get it to that point.

FIRST, I would like to describe some of the choices that I’ve made and how the learning in this course has impacted the design and outcome of my project. I separated my infographic into 3 distinct blocks – education, experience, and certification. Experience is in the middle because it is the most important, and it had the most information. Education is up top because that is also very important. I used the same font and text size for each heading, sub-heading, etc, so that there was continuity throughout the infographic. I still resorted to a good amount of text because I thought it was important (and sometimes, it’s hard to let go of the text!). I am still working out the color scheme, but I knew I didn’t want to keep it all white. I used color to segregate the 3 different blocks of the infographic. I think the icons say a lot, and less text makes it a bit lighter on the eyes as opposed to reading a bunch of boring text as in a traditional resume.

NEXT, I would like to describe how I plan to use this page and infographic. For COETAIL, on my “About Me” page, the infographic gives my readers a bit of insight into who I am. After reading many COETAIL blogs, I wish everyone had an About Me page right from the beginning of course 1. I also plan to use this infographic (or an altered version of it) as my visual resume for potential employers. As the COETAIL courses progress, I would like to further develop what I have already created in my current infographic resume.

LASTLY, like I said above, I am not entirely satisfied with my final project. I have already spent hours trying to perfect it, and I am sure that there are many more hours I will spend on perfecting it! I tend to be a perfectionist with things like this. Everything has to be perfect 🙂 I really LOVE the idea of an infographic resume, and I do like the one that I have created. I am satisfied with it to some extent, but I know it doesn’t look EXACTLY like I would want it to look like if I was passing it along to recruiters. I think the color scheme is a bit off (and I am not sure how to go about correcting that), AND I am not sure that it really depicts me as a person, which I think is really important. I need to weave my personality into this infographic a bit more and in some clever way.

I used Piktochart to create this infographic, and after many hours of use 😉 I did end up liking the program, so I think I am going to stick with it. If anyone has any other program or template suggestions or other ideas for improvement, it would be very, very much appreciated. I warmly welcome your comments below 🙂

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