Making Chemical Kinetics Visible

An oldie (well, not that old), but a goodie. Here, I have one of my IB Chemistry presentations from this year, and the topic is chemical kinetics. I really like the general format of and information contained within this presentation. But it could use a makeover. Addition of visuals, please!

Sometimes (let’s be honest – most days), I just don’t have enough time in the day! And this presentation does get the job done. This presentation, as it is right now, is not as effective as it could be as far as engaging my students. Sadly, there is only 1 visual in the entire 10-slide presentation 🙁

At the very least, I definitely want to enhance this presentation with some much needed visuals! Since (at least) an outline of the content is important for my students, I don’t plan to take away any text. It may seem like there is a good amount of unnecessary text in my presentation, but for the purpose this presentation is serving, it is actually necessary that I keep that text in there. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce and review content after students have taken Cornell Notes on this same material from their textbook. It also serves the purpose of being a resource for my students as it is posted on our Moodle page (class website) for them to review for further clarification after class and before tests and exams.

Here are some of my initial ideas for making this presentation a bit more engaging and understandable for my students. On slide 2, I would like to add visuals that represent real life chemical reactions like the one you see below. This may allow me to develop some sort of story that I can tell my students even though I am THE worst storyteller ever! But by telling a story and having a visual prompt, it would better aid my students in remembering this important information.

On slide 6, I would like to put a picture of a colorimeter (as seen below) as most students may not know what this is or have never seen one before. And better yet, I could enhance my presentation with a short YouTube video to go along with this picture.
YouTube Preview Image


On slide 5, I could add a potential energy profile like the one you see here.

And lastly, on slide 7, it might be beneficial to have a picture for the effect of concentration (as seen below), pressure, and/or surface area on reaction rate at the molecular level. This would help my students “see” what is actually going on with the particles during a chemical reaction.

I believe that by making the above additions/enhancements, my presentation would become a lot more student friendly. I do try to make modifications to each of my presentations each year. This is the first time that I am teaching the IB curriculum, so my presentations have not fully developed yet! If you have ANY suggestions, I warmly welcome your comments below 🙂

7 thoughts on “Making Chemical Kinetics Visible

  1. I think you’ve picked the perfect slideshow to work on and I’m looking forward to seeing the newer version!
    My biggest recommendation is only one visual per slide (and let that visual take up with WHOLE slide) with only 3-4 words on it, if any.

    Remember the idea is that your presentation (slideshow) should be lovely looking without you but “totally useless” to someone not hearing you talk alongside it!

  2. Hi Pamela,

    I agree with Chrissy’s last comment back to you on your inclusion of images in Chemistry! I was dreadful at Sciences at school, and visuals/presentations make such a difference on the ability to connect/engage to so many of our students. Additionally the lightbulb in our students head, I feel then has more opportunities to light up!

    I like the idea of including the video to enhance the concepts. One suggestion I have is to (and not go too crazy with this!) include more of the colour element in some of your subtitles/ questions so your answers are clearly displayed as you did on your 6.11 slide. The yellow pops out at me rather than the black bold/underline of your first few slides of 6.12. It draws my attention in. In the meantime, I am sure that along with your voice and knowledge your students will be a go! Check out this presentation if you have some time for some other ideas link to

    1. Hey Cheryl! Thanks for your comments and suggestions 🙂 I am definitely working on adding color to my presentations. Sometimes, I choose a color that the kids can’t even read, so I am working on using those contrasting colors. I want the content to be a bit more clear and hopefully, attention grabbing. And thank you for the presentation! That will be a great resource as I work on new presentations or start updating old ones!

  3. Hi Pam,

    I agree that adding visuals to your presentation would make it more effective and engaging for your students. As an ELL teacher, we often use visuals to help our students better understand new information or concepts. However, I find that having visual aids often helps not only our ELL students but all of our students in understanding the information better and also provides them with a reference point they can use later on when trying to recall the information.

    This website (link to that I came across provides a brief explanation of why and how we can use images to reinforce the content that students are learning in the classroom.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Disha! Thanks for sharing that website. It looks like it has a lot of great information. It’s so true that all of our students come into our classrooms with different prior knowledge and using visuals will aid in the learning of ALL of our students 🙂 Now, to find some even more engaging visuals, like infographics!

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